Defending DACA: Honor humanity, strengthen next generation

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Mission Housing will support, at every level, the fight to protect DACA recipients, and all undocumented people

Mission Housing Development Corporation | Sam Moss

Sam Moss is Executive Director of Mission Housing Development Corporation

In 1971, Mission Housing Development Corporation was founded on the profound strength of the Mission’s immigrant community. To think that 46 years later, some of those same families would be told their children and grandchildren were no longer welcome, and in fact criminalized, makes me sick to my stomach. The current administration’s cruel decision to end Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals, also known as DACA, flies in the face of America’s values.

Expelling some of our best and brightest youth is more than heartless, it is short-sighted economic policy. Many immigrant children are eager and poised to make great contributions to the fabric of their community and neighborhoods, and to the United States of America.

In times such as these, we should be strengthening younger generations with tools, knowledge, and opportunities. Instead, our government is poised to leave many young people vulnerable, unsafe, and living an uncertain future.

Our community will pull through these troubling times only by coming together. Mission Housing Development Corporation stands with undocumented youth and their families. Mission Housing will support, at every level, the fight to protect DACA recipients, and all undocumented people. And, Mission Housing will, by any means necessary, protect the rights of our residents — and our neighbors – regardless of skin color or point of origin.

If you encounter an issue related to your civil liberties or your safety, feel free to contact us and we will direct you to the resources you need – regardless of whether you reside in a Mission Housing building.


Mission Housing Development Corporation | Sam Moss
Sam Moss, Executive Director
Mission Housing Development Corporation

SF Mission Votes on $50 Million in Affordable Housing Funds

Coalition of organizations mobilizes to give community input on how the Mission’s share of Proposition A funds should be spent towards affordable housing

More than 125 people crowded into a second-floor auditorium at 474 Valencia St., San Francisco  to vote on the use of $50 million allocated by the November 2015 election to help ease the affordable housing crisis in the Mission District.

After two hours of presentation and deliberation, those in attendance opted to prioritize a “buy now, build now” strategy that would see those funds go towards acquiring two or three medium-sized plots and building some 200 units of fully affordable housing in the next five to seven years.

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2015 Gala & Silent Auction

2015 Gala & Silent Auction | Thursday September 17th, 2015
“Working Together to Build Communities”

The staff of Mission Housing Development Corporation thanks our Sponsors and Special Guests who made the gala a memorable night!
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