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More public input sought on Balboa Park Upper Yard housing, Saturday

Saturday, August 26, 2017, the Balboa High School Green Room (shown: Otsego and Oneida entrance) is the site for another large public community meeting for the Balboa Park Upper Yard 100% affordable housing mixed-use development. Photo: Google

Another large public community meeting for the Balboa Park Upper Yard 100% affordable housing mixed-use development to be held at Balboa High

Saturday, August 26, the developers collaborating to create new 100% affordable housing and community services on the Balboa Park Station Upper Yard site will spend two hours with community members to review our common goals and discuss several general development design scenarios that are a result of community input to date.

The meeting at Balboa High School will give neighborhood residents and other stakeholders, a chance to weigh-in on various aspects of the development.

“As community-oriented developers, we are very focused on ensuring all community residents are equitably involved in the decision-making process that shapes our buildings,” said Sam Moss, Executive Director of Mission Housing Development Corporation. “It is important for the entire neighborhood to have a sense of ownership in the Balboa Park Upper Yard development.”

Presentation followed by break-out sessions

The meeting will open with a presentation by the development team, addressing concerns and comments on a range of issues from the March 25th and May 13th meetings, including building and housing design, use of ground floor spaces, creation of open spaces, transportation and circulation, and community services.

Two break-out groups will examine a variety of solutions to the challenges discussed previously.

“This input will help us assemble supportive community services that meet the diverse needs of the residents, as well as the surrounding neighborhood,” said Marcía Contreras, Mission Housing Director of Operations and Resident Services. Contreras lives in the Balboa Park area. “Our services will be shaped through community input and tailored by neighborhood-driven needs.”

Transit-Oriented Development is part of master plan

The Balboa Park Upper Yard housing development is part of the city’s larger Balboa Park Station Area Plan to connect, restore, and enhance the neighboring area. The Balboa Park BART station is part of a highly prominent and transit-accessible site where three MUNI light-rail lines, seven Muni bus lines and multiple BART lines all converge.

Scott Falcone, a long-time neighborhood resident with roots in the Balboa Park area, has been a consultant to Mission Housing since 2013. He is assisting with community relations and engagement related to the Balboa Park development, and providing technical services for the actual development project. “Our goal is to provide low-income residents with well-designed and well-managed affordable homes, and to help bring a range of positive improvements to the community,” said Falcone.

Complimentary food and refreshments will be provided. Translation services will be available for Spanish, Tagalog and Cantonese speakers.

DETAILS: Saturday, August 26 2017. Time: 10:00 a.m. to 12:00 noon. Place: Balboa High School Green Room (enter at the corner of Otsego and Oneida) [MAP]

MORE INFO: Scott Falcone or Aditi Mahmud, 415-864-6432. Email:

DOWNLOAD: Invitational flyer for the meeting
[English PDF]
[Spanish PDF]
[Tagalog PDF]
[Chinese PDF]

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Leaders highlight Excelsior development, urge grand bargain on affordable housing bills

Mission Housing Development Corporation Executive Director Sam Moss (left) watches as San Francisco Supervisor Ahsha Safaí makes comments at a rally encouraging California lawmakers to pass comprehensive legislation that prioritizes affordable housing statewide. Looking on are California Assemblymember Phil Ting (center), Senator Scott Wiener and Marcía Contreras, Director of Operations and Resident Services for Mission Housing. Photo by Tony Bear!

Work to turn Balboa Park parking lot into 100 units of affordable housing could begin sooner if state legislature reaches agreement on affordable housing bills

California Assemblymember Phil Ting and Senator Scott Wiener today joined San Francisco Supervisor Ahsha Safaí and more than 30 community members, workers and Excelsior District residents to support a proposal to turn the two-acre Balboa Park Upper Yard parking lot next to the Balboa Park BART station into 100 units of much-needed affordable housing.

Speakers also called upon Governor Jerry Brown and state legislators to approve a comprehensive package of affordable housing bills as soon as Sacramento leaders return from their summer recess on August 21, which they said will help projects such as the Balboa Park Upper Yard.

“State proposals to increase both short- and long-term affordable housing funding, and prioritize affordable housing for expedited permitting could help accelerate groundbreaking at the parking lot by up to six months,” said Mission Housing Development Corporation Executive Director Sam Moss. Mission Housing is building Balboa Park Upper Yard with co-developer Related California. “When this process begins, soon we can be housing people instead of cars, and making San Francisco neighborhoods better.”

The Balboa Park Upper Yard development is located in the districts of all three elected officials who spoke at this morning’s rally. The development will provide homes to low-income families struggling to survive on-going San Francisco housing crisis. Also included in the apartments: a child care facility, community-serving commercial spaces, and a public park. There will also be improvements to the Balboa Park BART station plaza.

“Housing costs are fueling inequality by uprooting families and reducing access to high-wage jobs of the future. Across California, families overpay for housing or commute great distances from housing they can afford,” said Assemblymember Phil Ting (D-San Francisco). “When the Legislature reconvenes later this month, we are energized to reach a grand bargain on affordable housing. Our success will decide whether projects like the Upper Yard are routine or a novel anomaly.”

“California’s housing crisis is deep and threatens our economy, environment, and quality of life,” said Senator Scott Wiener, who has authored a bill to streamline housing approvals. “We need to make it easier to create housing at all income levels, and we must create sustained funding for affordable housing. The State needs to step up and be part of the solution.”

“The building of 100 units of affordable housing in District 11 is a harbinger of my and the City’s commitment to securing housing for working families,” said Supervisor Ahsha Safai. “The fast-tracking of permits for new, affordable family housing, undoubtedly, will help the city keep the families it so desperately needs.”

Supervisor Safaí has only recently completed his first six months in office, but he has already delivered significant affordable housing investments for the residents of District 11 neighborhoods such as the Excelsior, Outer Mission, and Ocean View/Merced Heights/Ingleside. Earlier this year, Sup. Safaí led efforts at the Board of Supervisors to craft, and win unanimous approval for, what has become the strongest inclusionary housing ordinance in the country, complete with housing requirements for working class and middle income families.

Assemblymember David Chiu, who represents the district that begins just blocks east of the Balboa Park Upper Yard, sent the following statement: “California is in the midst of an intense housing crisis. The legislature must act on housing to ensure Balboa Park Upper Yard and projects like it across the state can get built quickly and begin to house Californians.”

“When the legislature passes a comprehensive Affordable Housing Bill Package, Mission Housing will able to expand the type of high quality services the residents and community of Balboa Park deserve,” said Marcía Contreras, Director of Operations and Resident Services for Mission Housing.

Many of those who came out this morning stand to benefit from more projects such as the Balboa Park Upper Yard, especially if state officials deliver on their pledge to pass a comprehensive package of affordable housing bills. Supporters at today’s rally included neighborhood residents eagerly awaiting to apply for a home, housing advocates pushing for more housing across all income levels throughout California, and union construction workers hoping to work on a development that they could one day live in.

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Chirag Bhakta receives 2017 Daniel E. Koshland Civic Unity Award

Chirag Bhakta gestures toward his parents from the stage of Brava Theater, during the 2017 Koshland Civic Unity Awards. Photo by Tony Bear!

The Koshland Committee of The San Francisco Foundation selects Chirag Bhakta for the 2017 Koshland Civic Unity Award; forms a five-year partnership with the Koshland Program

The Koshland Committee of The San Francisco Foundation has selected Chirag Bhakta, Community Engagement Coordinator for Mission Housing Development Corporation, as a recipient of the 2017 Koshland Civic Unity Award. The award honors his contributions to the Mission neighborhood of San Francisco and forms a five-year partnership with the Koshland Program.

Mission Housing Development Corporation | Marisela Esparza

Marisela Esparza, Program Manager of San Francisco Immigrant Legal & Education Network also received the Koshland Civic Unity award. Esparza is a board member of Mission Housing Development Corporation.

In celebration and recognition of his community work, Bhakta receives a personal award of $1,000. He will also collaborate with other neighborhood Fellows and the Koshland Committee in the allocation of approximately $300,000 over the next four years toward projects and efforts improving the quality of life in the Mission.

Bhakta and eleven others were feted in a ceremony at Brava Theater on June 28, 2017.

“To be honored in such a way, all this prestige along with a cohort of people I can honestly say I look up to,” Bhakta said in his remarks from stage. “I am humbled, I am elated to work with you all for the next half a decade”

“Half a decade for us to learn from each other, bond with each other, and build something together.”

“Chirag has a great deal of passion and love for our community, which fuels the great work he is doing at Mission Housing,” said has selected Marcía Contreras, Director of Operations and Resident Services. “He is matched-up with a very well-rounded, like-minded group of leaders. All of them are not afraid to fight for what is right and speak for those who can’t do it on their own.”

“Congratulations to all the Fellows. Their passion to make the Mission better inspires me!”

In recognizing community leaders, the Koshland Committee seeks to promote civic and community unity by building mutual respect among diverse elements of the community and encouraging collaboration in addressing neighborhood problems. The Koshland awards are given annually to recognize outstanding Bay Area community leaders who are not only risk-takers but also social innovators working to build healthy and productive neighborhoods.

About The Koshland Civic Unity Award
The award commemorates Daniel E. Koshland, a founder of The San Francisco Foundation. As a businessman and philanthropist, he committed both his resources and his energy to making the Bay Area a better place to live. He was also the founder of San Francisco’s Council for Civic Unity, which sought to alleviate injustices and discrimination by bringing together influential private and public sector leaders to solve community problems.

Information from The San Francisco Foundation contributed to this post

Mission Housing Development Corporation | Koshland Awardees 2017

The 2017 Koshland Civic Unity Fellows (left to right): Nadia Conrad, Jon Jacobo, Diana Martinez, Sandra Sandoval, Marilyn Duran, Lorena Melgarejo, Lara Kiswani, Eric Cuentos, Celina Lucero, Chirag Bhakta, Marisela Esparza, Dairo Romero. Photo courtesy SF Foundation

2017 Daniel E. Koshland Civic Unity Fellows

Chirag Bhakta,
Community Engagement Coordinator, Mission Housing Development Corporation
Nadia Conrad,
Teen Programs Coordinator, Jamestown Community Center
Eric Cuentos,
Director of Parent Partner Program, Mission Graduates
Marilyn Duran,
Community Organizer, PODER
Marisela Esparza,
Program Manager, San Francisco Immigrant Legal & Education Network
Jon Jacobo,
Land Use Committee Member, Calle 24 Latino Cultural District
Lara Kiswani,
Executive Director, Arab Resource & Organizing Center
Celina Lucero,
Executive Director, Horizons
Lorena Melgarejo,
Coordinator of Parish Organizing, Archdiocese of San Francisco
Diana Martinez,
Mission SRO Collaborative Manager, Dolores Street Community Services
Dairo Romero,
Community Planning Manager, Mission Economic Development Agency
Sandra Sandoval,
Lifelong Missionera

Forum details latest on Balboa Park Station Area Plan

Several dozen people filled the SPUR Urban Center auditorium in downtown San Francisco to hear a panel forum on the impacts the Balboa Park Station Area Plan thus far. Photos by Tony Bear!

Stakeholders, planners, developers converge to share progress of Balboa Park Station Area Plan

Wednesday, June 21, 2017, several dozen people filled the auditorium at SPUR Urban Center, the downtown San Francisco headquarters of San Francisco Bay Area Planning and Urban Research Association, also known as SPUR. The occasion was a panel forum, where an update was given on the impacts the Balboa Park Station Area Plan has had on the area.

Mission Housing Development Corporation | SPUR Urban Center auditorium

Panelists (from left to right) Jeremy Shaw, Sam Moss, Daniel Weaver and Kate Favetti listen to a question from the audience at the Better Neighborhoods at Balboa Park forum.

The presentation was kicked off by Jeremy Shaw of the San Francisco Planning Department. Shaw ran through details and history of the area plan, and walked through some of the neighborhood’s development challenges.

Sam Moss of Mission Housing Development Corporation discussed the community outreach being conducted leading to the construction of affordable housing on the Balboa Park Upper Yard site.

Daniel Weaver of the Ocean Avenue Association, and Kate Favetti, former board member of the Westwood Park Association, gave a history of their efforts to bring thoughtful development to the area.

After the presentations, audience members directed questions to the panelists, and heard about the challenges and opportunities that remain.

San Francisco adopted the Balboa Park Station Area Plan in 2009, as part of its Better Neighborhoods Program. The plan resulted in new mixed-use development, public space, and pedestrian improvements along Ocean Avenue. The plan also was the catalyst for the development of the Upper Yard and Balboa Reservoir parcels.

SPUR — San Francisco Bay Area Planning and Urban Research Association — is a member-supported nonprofit organization with offices in San Francisco, San Jose and Oakland. SPUR conducts Through research, education and advocacy to promote good planning and good government in the San Francisco Bay Area.

The forum was co-presented by the San Francisco Housing Action Coalition (SFHAC).

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