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Aditi Mahmud

I was born in Bangladesh, India, and grew up in Los Angeles, California. I’d always dreamed of living in the Bay Area! My spouse and I relocated here when he was hired by a San Francisco company.

My time on the Mission Housing Project Management team began in January, 2017. As a Project Manager, I help locate and evaluate suitable sites for development getting government approvals for new housing, and drumming up public support. Once the development gets the green light, we manage project design, work on financing, and coordinate with attorneys, architects, general contractors and others.

After finishing the Master of Urban and Regional Planning program at the UCLA Department of Urban Planning, I went right to work in the affordable housing industry. First in the Los Angeles office of Mercy Housing, and then in Seattle, Washington, as a Project Manager for Vitus Group. There, I worked on the construction of new, major and moderate rehab projects. My responsibilities included all stages of development — acquisition, pre-development, construction and conversion. I worked with lenders, investors, government agencies, acquisitions team, Asset Management, Property Management, and Service Providers.

The mission and vision of Mission Housing Development Corporation is a perfect fit with my interest and passion of creating affordable housing for disadvantaged populations. Knowing that I can literally open doors for others makes this work very fulfilling.

My coworkers are making it easy to love working in the Mission District! On weekends, my husband and I are usually out exploring the Bay Area and driving Highway 1 every chance we get!

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