Lots of winning at the Mission Housing Carnaval booth

“¡Viva La Madre Tierra!” Carnaval theme celebrates Mother Earth in world cultures; highlights Mission Housing green initiatives

Lots of people attending The 38th Annual Carnaval San Francisco are the proud owners of goodies from the Mission Housing booth in the Eco Village.

New commercial tenant V-Sixteen serves Japanese cuisine

V-Sixteen — the latest, newest restaurant to open in a Mission Housing commercial space — plants a Japanese flair at 16th Street and Valencia

The V-Sixteen grand opening celebration has kicked off! Dinner and happy hour is being served up seven days a week. The establishment offers Japanese sushi and other seafood fare, as well as beer and wine — and of course, sake!

“We are very proud such a quality establishment has chosen a Mission Housing space,” said Julie Sontag, Asset Manager for Mission Housing. “And, since 100% of our commercial rents help support the resident and community services each building provides, we are excited to have V-Sixteen set-up shop on the ground floor of Maria Alicia Apartments.”

Owner Eric Deng has put many elaborate finishing touches on the space. Highlighting the sleek, minimal décor are two elaborate, hand-painted murals that command attention from the moment you step into the dining room. The highly detailed wood furnishings and subdued lighting bring a coziness that mutes the wide-open views of hustling, bustling 16th and Valencia traffic. The unique sushi counter arrangement gives full views of the chef, and will impress sushi connoisseurs and fanatics.

Deng also owns Kama Sushi restaurants (with two locations, one in SoMa and one in Noe Valley) and DASH Japanese Tapas & Sushi in San Mateo. He hopes the personal touch he has put into V-Sixteen will lead to a brisk dinner and eventually lunch business.

Check out the slide show, and get a preview of your visit to V-Sixteen.


Mission Housing Strategic Plan sets course

Strategic Plan outlines new opportunities, important strategic goals, and methods for measuring outcomes

In July 2013, Mission Housing Development Corporation began a strategic planning process to help make sure the organization continues to meet the needs of the Mission District and San Francisco residents in an era of changing demographics, gentrification and a lack of affordable housing.

Building Alliances Coaching facilitated the three retreat workshops of the Strategic Planning Committee of the Mission Housing Board of Directors. The workshops were held in 2013 and 2015. Board Chair Pete Gallegos and Executive Director Sam Moss led the sessions. Key staff members were also involved.

The retreat discussions brought consensus on the key elements of the strategic direction, goals and objectives, and financial strategy. Mission Housing’s historical values and the need for a reality-based mission statement were centerpieces of the discussions. Opportunities and challenges moving forward were identified.

The board participated in an interactive values exercise based on each member’s written assessment of individual and organizational values.

What emerged from the sessions was a new strategic plan crafted by the Mission Housing Board of Directors.

The results: Long and short-term goals were set. A renewed mission, values, vision and guiding principle for Mission Housing was created.

The retreat encouraged outlined many important strategic goals, and methods for measuring outcomes to be achieved by 2020. The plan encouraged Mission Housing to explore new opportunities. Since then, the leadership of the organization has forged ahead to accomplish much, well in advance of the target date.

To see the Strategic Plan, page through the PDF shown below, right-click [HERE] to download, or visit the corporate office of Mission Housing during business hours [MAP] to pick-up a printed copy.

Special thanks to Sadie Vialpando Williams & Anita Gonzalves of Building Alliances Coaching for their support and guidance in developing and preparing the Strategic Plan for Mission Housing Development Corporation. Thanks to A. Maciel Printing, Inc. for design and printing services.

Mission Housing strategic plan-updated-6-7-17

Civics Day helps students learn issues-based thinking

Mission Housing staff support Civics Day program to encourage young activism

Wednesday, May 11, 2016 students from all over the Bay Area crowded into The Women’s Building for a field trip day of speeches by civic leaders, project presentations to judges, lunch activities, and a class awards ceremony. The point of the Civics Day semester-long program is help young people learn civics by “doing” civics – by taking action on real-world issues they care about.

Students learn about community issues. Then, the issue is narrowed down to a local focus. Finally, the students learn how to identify the root cause of the issue being studied. This helps them develop a main goal for the action project, and a timeline of strategies and tactics.

The students prepare tri-fold board to present their project to a series of a Civics Day judge groups over the course of 45 minutes. Judges evaluate students on a five part criteria.

“It’s so heart-warming to hear the passion in these students as they learn how to talk about the issues,” said Marcía Contreras of Mission Housing Development Corporation. “Our future is in good hands!”

Civics Day is the semi-annual culminating event of each Generation Citizen semester.

To find out more about Civics Day and Generation Citizen, click HERE