In Memorium: Peter Neuendorff — President of Caritas Management Corporation, 1986 – 2016

Peter Neuendorff, and his pet, Blankita, a rescue dog, while attending the re-dedication of Betel Apartments in 2016. Photo by Tony Bear!

Peter Neuendorff dedicated most of his life to serving the disadvantaged among us, with a passion that made him a perfect fit for the Mission Housing and Caritas Management families

Peter Neuendorff came to Caritas Management Corporation in 1986 to work as a property manager for the Mission Housing Development Corporation portfolio. He worked his way up the ladder to become President of Caritas in 1992, a position he held until 2016, when he moved to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico to enjoy his retirement. He made routine trips back to his home in Oakland.

Last month, due to an unfortunate incident which caused him irreparable, catastrophic brain damage, Peter’s directive to be removed from life support was fulfilled. He passed away peacefully on June 28th in Oakland, at the age of 62.

Memorial arrangements are pending.

Peter is truly missed by a plethora of co-workers, colleagues and friends influenced by his passion, charm and expertise.

“His focus and dedication to Caritas made Caritas what it is today,” said John Nuño, Chair of the Caritas Management Board of Directors. “May we all continue Peter’s good works at Caritas! Peter lived well and enjoyed the good things in life… a true bon vivant! We will miss him.”

“Peter’s special quality of creating community in the workplace helped Caritas’ staff enjoy a special relationship with him,” said Caritas board Vice Chair Viola Maestas. “Both clients and professional colleagues also fell under his charm! In Peter’s post-Caritas time, he had established permanent residency in Puerto Vallarta, and had plans to set up a community-serving nonprofit. He had a growing circle of friends, from proprietors of his favorite cafes and shops, to locals he would greet on his daily walks. And, of course he made friends with other expats and visitors from around the world.”

“His eccentric personality, combined with his unique choice of attire and occasional sailor mouth is a package that we will all miss,” said Devesh Patel, President of Caritas Management. “Peter once promised me that I would never meet anyone like him, to which I immediately agreed! Throughout the years, Peter touched the lives of many people in our industry and local community.”

“Peter Neuendorff represented all of the best things about the bond between the Mission Housing and Caritas Management families,” said Sam Moss, Executive Director of Mission Housing. “We were buoyed by his endless work ethic, his intelligence, and most of all, by his heart and soul. Peter supported our organizations — and our missions — with everything he had, and because of him we’ll be here for another fifty years.”

“Peter was a very charismatic person with tons of extremely contagious energy! His focus was serving our residents, and caring for his staff, partners and community,” said Márcia Contreras, Deputy Executive Director of Mission Housing. “I will remember him as always having a smile on his face, always being willing to serve others, and always being supportive of our operations and growth.”

“Peter was a true master manager who earned absolute loyalty of all his staff, a deep understanding of his residents, and an appreciation for the many cultures represented in our properties,” said Maryann Dillon, Executive Director of Housing Initiative Partnership, in Hyattsville, MD. Maryann was Executive Director of Mission Housing from 1988 to 1992. “He never lost his cool and he was never at a loss for what to do next. He had exacting standards and he wouldn’t put up with anything less.”

“Peter was my friend, neighbor and colleague. He was the Swede with a heart of a soul brother. I loved his energy and enthusiasm whether he was telling a story of his colorful life, or of his passion for service and for getting things done,” said Sadie Vialpando Williams of Building Alliances Coaching. “His history is embedded in overcoming obstacles: from arriving in SF at an early age and living in the Tenderloin, to tackling housing and community development in San Francisco, to running a major real estate management company. He did it all with class, creativity and a positive ‘can do’ attitude.”