In the News

Summer Program

The purpose of the Summer program is to provide a healthy learning environment while being our children are out during summer break from their regular school calendar. This program provided one on one assistance to help our children at Valencia Gardens understand the ocean and animal world by visually learning and creating their own art.

The theme for the art class for this past Summer program was about the ocean and the sea animals. Each class had information about one sea animal, and the children were able to make several project using different art techniques. Our children learned so much and they kept busy in a learning but fun environment.

2014 Gala & Silent Auction

On October 23rd, 2014, we held our annual Gala & Silent Auction at Laborers Local 261 Hall. It was a spectacular opportunity to shine a light on the individuals and groups that play a vital role in helping Mission Housing accomplish its goals as a San Francisco based Nonprofit Community Development Corporation. With live music by The Gary Flores Quartet, special guests such as Mayor Ed Lee, Supervisor David Chiu, Supervisor Scott Weiner, Sgt. Eric Washington and many more; it was an unforgettable evening celebrating over 40 years of affordable housing and community development.

National Night Out

The purpose of the National Night Out event is to bring neighbors and communities together, with cookouts, kid movies, coloring and painting activities, and other activities. This event brought together our police officers, Resident Services staff, maintenance staff, management staff and other crime prevention programs for the purpose of strengthening the local neighborhood and fighting crime. This past year National Night Out at Valencia Gardens congregated about 100 people. We had a great opportunity to create community, enjoy fun game activities for our children food and meet new faces!

Cooking Matters

Cooking Matters is a national program through 18 Reasons that offers 6 week long cooking and nutrition classes to families throughout the Bay Area. JPP had roughly 8-15 residents participate in each class, with a group of 12 residents successfully graduating from the program at the end. Over the 6 weeks we created delicious, healthy recipes such as sloppy joes with ground turkey, brown rice stir-fry’s, lentil soup, kale chips (a crowd favorite!), breakfast burritos, and mini pizzas. All of the participants left with new ideas of how to add healthy options to their diets, creative ways to make meals as a family, tips for reading nutrition labels, and alternatives for surgery beverages.