Altamont Hotel


3048 16th St, San Francisco, CA 94103

Residential Population

Formerly homeless and very low-income adults

Number of Units


The Altamont Hotel — a historic affordable housing site and well-preserved neighborhood landmark

The Altamont Hotel and the Apollo Hotel are two permanent residence hotels operated by Mission Housing Development Corporation in the 16th Street/Valencia Street corridor. These facilities are two of the oldest and largest hotels in the neighborhood, both having been built in the Post-1906 reconstruction period. They provide much needed permanent, supportive housing for formerly homeless and very low-income adults while preserving the character of the community. Mission Housing hopes to provide local hotel owners a model for how to provide stable Single Room Occupancy housing.

The Altamont Hotel is a mixed-use, four-story building on 16th Street between Wiese Street and Julian Avenue. Construction of the Altamont was completed in 1912. The site is built atop the culverted Mission Creek. The 16th Street/Mission BART station is across the street.

Acquisition and rehabilitation

Public comment from Mission District stakeholders identified stabilization of the area’s residential hotels as a top priority. In 1996, Mission Housing acquired the Altamont and immediately began an extensive rehabilitation of the building, including seismic renovation and interior improvements. Asian Neighborhood Design and ARCUS Architecture + Planning were the designers; the construction was a joint venture between West Bay Builders (now Thompson Builders) and D. Stewart Thompson, Inc./DST Construction.

Design features

The 1996 renovation modified the building to include community kitchens, resident lounges and a manager’s apartment. The ground floor includes a spacious meeting room and a laundry room.

On-going preservation

The Altamont residential units underwent additional rehabbing in 2011. In 2017, the sidewalk area surrounding the hotel will undergo extensive rehabilitation and upgrades.

Supportive housing environment

When the 1996 renovation was completed, the professional residential management staff of Mission Housing established on-site programs and support systems for the hotel’s special needs and formerly homeless residents. An array of local service providers and advocates are also contracted.

Residents collaborate with on-site staff to promote a stable, viable resident community. Each Altamont resident is a voting member of the tenant association, which elects individuals annually to serve on a tenant board.

A distinguished San Francisco pedigree

The Altamont is one of many San Francisco buildings designed by Swedish-born San Francisco master architect August Nordin (1869–1936). According to the January 1936 issue of The Architect and Engineer Magazine, Nordin designed more than 300 single family residences, flats, and apartment houses. In addition to the Altamont Hotel, some of Nordin’s noteworthy San Francisco building designs include: The Swedish American Hall, built in 1907, the Windeler Apartments on Ellis Street, built in 1915, and the Buena Vista Cafe building, built in 1911.

Commercial spaces

There is 6,000 sq.ft. of commercial space with frontage along the 16 St. side of the structure. To date, these spaces are occupied by a community-serving nonprofit, and two retail operations enjoying brisk business. These commercial tenants all make outstanding contributions to the fabric of the community. The below market-rate leases help fund resident services in the building.

Funding programs

The acquisition and subsequent rehab of the Altamont Hotel was funded using a Community Development Block Grant from the Mayor’s Office of Housing and a variety of loans from public and private entities.

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