Betel Apartments


1227 Hampshire St., San Francisco, CA 94110

Residential Population

Family Rental

Number of Units

50; 25 two-bedroom; 21 three-bedroom; 4 four-bedroom

Betel Apartments — a legacy, award winning accomplishment in community revitalization

Betel Apartments is family affordable housing featuring multi level garden apartments, a common area courtyard, laundry room and a community room.

The site was formerly a Safeway market. The grocer closed the store and donated the site to the city. As time passed the empty building became a focal point for undesirable neighborhood activity.

An overwhelming need for affordable housing, and a community initiative targeting under-utilized and abandoned properties, spurred Mission Housing Development Corporation to purchase the site and develop Betel Apartments.

Esperanza Apartments and Betel Apartments were the first major new construction undertakings for Mission Housing. Both were completed in 1976.

Betel Apartments undergo renovation

Now, in 2016, the entire Betel Apartment complex was completely refurbished. Residents were relocated and their furnishings put in storage as construction crews moved from building-to-building. Units were gutted down to the frame and modernized with new appliances, woodworking, flooring and ventilation. Asbestos mitigation was performed, and upgrades to energy, lighting, insulation and water efficiency were made. Improvements were also made to the exterior, common areas and the garage.

For a complete listing of improvements, right-click and download this PDF.

Remodeled to trusted environmental standards

Mission Housing committed to go above and beyond building codes and funding requirements to deliver a green, efficient building to our residents.

In addition to the efficiency, durability, and indoor air quality benefits, Mission Housing is having the construction certified under California’s GreenPoint Rated program. To accomplish a GreenPoint Rating, Betel has obtained 3rd party verification of all construction materials and practices for the final completed project.

The modernization, completed in September 2016, was designed by Hamilton + Aitken Architects, with construction by Nibbi Brothers General Contractors. The 100% union job was accomplished with zero public funds.

Committed to affordable housing

Affordable housing properties are always at risk of being converted to market rate. Mission Housing voluntarily extends the affordability restriction after renovating, to continue preserving high-quality affordable housing stock in San Francisco.

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