Maria Alicia Apartments


3090 16th St, San Francisco, CA 94103

Residential Population

Family Rental

Number of Units

20, plus 2 commercial spaces; 1 one-bedroom; 2 two-bedroom; 11 three-bedroom; 6 four-bedroom apartments

Maria Alicia Apartments — invigorating 16th Street with vibrant, mixed-use development

Maria Alicia Apartments replaced ruins of the Gartland Apartments on the corner of 16th and Valencia known formerly as the “Pit.” The apartments burned down years before in a arson fire that resulted in the deaths of several residents. The site was purchased after neighborhood activists requested Mission Housing Development Corporation build much needed housing and commercial spaces on the troubled site. The new building was designed to stabilize this important corner lot, which now anchors a mixed-use area of the Mission District with well-managed residential and commercial spaces.

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Location Map