New Mission Housing Portolio

Investing in the Mission since 1971 has created a diverse portfolio of developments that shelter and stabilize thousands of San Franciscans

Mission Housing Development Corporation owns or manages 38 buildings and is one of the largest nonprofit housing organizations in San Francisco.

The organization has built or acquired a wide variety of affordable housing solutions. A majority of the sites in the portfolio are in the Mission District; several sites are in other areas around San Francisco. [MAP]

Preserving existing housing stock

Several multi-unit residential buildings around San Francisco have been rehabbed and upgraded into quality affordable housing units by Mission Housing. The character of the community and the existing affordable housing stock are preserved and residents receive long-term, quality case management.

Vitalizing small business opportunities

The economic vitality of the Mission and other SF neighborhoods is strengthened by small business enterprises operating in the ground floor commercial spaces of Mission Housing mixed-use developments.

Transitioning and stabilizing veterans

One residence operated by Mission Housing, 2524 Mission, focuses on sheltering and stabilizing formerly homeless veterans participating in the HUD-VASH program.

Providing quiet, stable, secure spaces for seniors and the physically challenged

Several Mission Housing developments were built from the ground up to accommodate the special needs of elderly or infirm residents, while providing activities that enhance their quality-of-life.

Strengthening the fabric of San Francisco neighborhoods

The 3000 San Franciscans who are sheltered by Mission Housing also benefit from a variety of services provided by the organization. Some of these services are also made available to the community at-large.

Planning for the future

Three new, mixed-use housing complexes for low to moderate income families, including formerly homeless families, are in the works. When completed, the contemporary design and comprehensive services incorporated will stabilize Mission residents and transform neighborhoods.

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