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Márcia Contreras

I’ve lived in San Francisco ever since 1982, when my family fled the civil war in Nicaragua. That experience has helped me connect with the importance of providing affordable housing and supportive services for the most vulnerable.

Upon joining Misson Housing in 2009, I worked in various departments before becoming Director of Operations and Resident Services in 2015, and now, Deputy Executive Director. My passion is helping staff break out of the silos that tend to form in organizations. Collaborate, collaborate, collaborate! It is also important to open up lines of communication between Mission Housing and our residents. This helps make sure we use our resources on things that make a difference in the quality-of-life for our residents.

I also work hard at making sure Mission Housing is engaged in the communities around our developments. Our relationships with community-based organizations is important. I want to make sure Mission Housing shows solidarity with the leaders who are making passionate contributions to the fabric of our neighborhoods.

My favorite ways of blowing off steam: salsa dancing and enjoying great cuisine (I hate cooking!). My favorite foods: Vietnamese, Indian and of course, Nicaraguan! My mother makes a mean baho!  Going to the movies with family is always fun. I won’t miss a “Fast and Furious” or a “Star Trek!” My kids have made me a Harry Potter fan!

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