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Scott Falcone

I am originally from upstate New York. After college, three of my friends and I set-off on a month-long cross-country move to San Francisco because… it’s San Francisco!

Mission Housing has been a client of Falcone Development Services since 2013.

As a consultant, I work on a variety of new developments and existing properties as a part of different teams. Our goal: Help Mission Housing provide low-income residents with well-designed and well-managed affordable homes.

My experience in developing affordable housing includes working at Citizens Housing, another San Francisco-based nonprofit developer. There, from 2000 to 2009, I worked on the design, entitlements and financing of new developments and building renovations. I also worked closely with asset management, property management and the resident services staffs. This experience with teaming up on different parts of the development process contributes to my work with the Mission Housing staff.

I want to work on teams providing as many affordable homes as is possible in San Francisco during the continuing cycles of unaffordability people have to deal with here. Mission Housing has this same goal and is working very hard to achieve this, so I really appreciate having the organization as a client.

When I am not working, I get to run around a lot with my two sons, playing sports and taking them to different activities on the weekends. And when I am very lucky, I get to have a morning coffee date with my wife.

I have lived in and around the Mission since 1991. The district is in constant flux! I like being a part of the positive changes that people are working on in the neighborhood.

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