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Tony Bear!

My path to working at Mission Housing began a long time ago in a land far, far away! Phoenix, Arizona was the launching pad of a long, very blessed career with paths through Florida and California. Lots of great experiences with reaching people via radio, television, print, events and the Web!

Now, the communications and branding of Mission Housing is my responsibility — and a great outlet for my desire to help defend the right to affordable housing in the Bay Area.

The fun part of my work at Mission Housing is: Everything! A typical day is filled with lots of creative juice flowing, which makes the hours fly by! Website, magazine, signage, video production, flyers, and more. The goal is to tell the Mission Housing story and demonstrate our capacity to be a trusted corporate citizen in the Mission.

Whenever the luxury of downtime rears its beautiful head, you can find me out-and-about enjoying the local lifestyle to the fullest! Museum and art gallery hopping, restaurants and foodie events – feel free to connect with me on LinkedIn and share a great event! If you need dining suggestions, my Yelp page is filled with reviews of my favorite Mission restaurants. The list grows more every week!

Like most creative types, my mind bounces between hobbies! The latest: A love of shooting landscape and architectural photography. Turns out this hobby is finding many great applications to my work at Mission Housing.

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