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Seminar reviews fair housing laws, industry best practices

The combined staffs of Caritas Management and Mission Housing sit with attorneys from Fair Housing of Marin as they present a comprehensive review of federal and state fair housing laws.

Mission Housing, Caritas Management staff get in-depth fair housing course on renter rights, housing provider responsibilities

September 23, 2016, the combined staffs of Caritas Management Corporation and Mission Housing Development Corporation sat with attorneys from Fair Housing of Marin as they presented a comprehensive review of federal and state fair housing laws. The event also outlined pro-active fair housing policies and best practices that can help protect tenants from possible discrimination.

“Mission Housing and Caritas Management are both very focused on providing our tenants a housing experience above and beyond what is required by law,” said Marcía Contreras, Director of Operations and Resident Services at Mission Housing. “This annual seminar is a great way to make sure our staff is always upholding our commitment to fairly accommodating our tenants’ rights.”

The three-hour session, held in the auditorium at Centro del Pueblo, covered a wide range of fair housing related topics. Also included: An overview of recent changes to fair housing laws governing disability discrimination, reasonable accommodations and accessibility, familial rights and gender.

Fair Housing of Marin offers many training seminars and conferences on fair housing law every year. Property owners and managers, housing advocates, and other real estate professionals in the private and public sectors attend the events.

The Federal Fair Housing Act protects individuals from discrimination in the sale, rental and financing of housing based on race, color, national origin, religion, gender, disability and familial status. In the State of California, there are additional protections for marital status, sexual orientation, ancestry, source of income and arbitrary characteristics such as age through the California Fair Employment and Housing Act.

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