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SF-Marin Food Bank honors Mission Housing food pantry operations

Representing Mission Housing at the SF-Marin Food Bank Pantry Appreciation Lunch were: (standing, from left) Thomas Caulk, Resident Services Coordinator; Eric Chak, volunteer; Aaron Bustamante, Resident Services Coordinator; Millie Liu, volunteer; Selina Wong, volunteer; Marcía Contreras, Director of Operations and Resident Services. Kneeling in front are Martín Ugarte, (left) Associate Director of Resident Services and Karla Perez, Resident Services Coordinator.

More than twenty years of food pantry operations recognized by SF-Marin Food Bank; food pantry staff and volunteers enjoy luncheon

Mission Housing Development Corporation has been recognized as having more than twenty years of partnership with the SF-Marin Food Bank.

Members of the Mission Housing Resident Services team attended the SF-Marin Food Bank Pantry Appreciation Lunch on Tuesday, June 20, 2017. There, SF-Marin Food Bank honored entities that have served as outlets for delivering neighborhood food pantry services.

Mission Housing Development Corporation | Longevity Awards
The SF-Marin Food Bank Pantry Longevity Awards, presented to Dunleavy Apartments and Esperanza Apartments.

SF-Marin Food Bank collaborates with a network of 419 community organizations in delivering food assistance to end hunger and food insecurity in San Francisco. Important to the food bank’s effort is securing venues to host food pantries. Residences owned by Mission Housing — Dunleavy Apartments and Esperanza Apartments — were two of the fourteen developments honored with the Longevity Award at the luncheon.

“We are very proud to have Dunleavy and Esperanza be among the first affordable housing operations to partner with SF-Marin Food Bank,” said Marcía Contreras, Mission Housing Director of Operations and Resident Services. “Now, several of our family buildings, SROs and senior residences host weekly food pantries.”

Contreras invited three Mission Housing residents who volunteer at the weekly food pantries to attend the event.

“Our residents who volunteer to facilitate the weekly food pantries perform an important service, and we are very grateful to have their participation.”

In addition to food, SF-Marin Food Bank provides Mission Housing residents with nutrition-education resources and workshops, language and translation support, and food-safety training.

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